Is your business currently facing a challenging problem, and could use help navigating the terrain? Horace Crenshaw has extensive experience in a wide range of business management issues, including government acquisitions, contracting, requirements management, project management, proposal writing, management consulting and more.

Why Hire a Consultant?

Consultants are best for those who have a clear understanding of a company’s objectives or defined projects. Consultants also help save time and money. Unsure if you need a consultant? Here are additional reasons to consider hiring Horace as one.

  • Horace can provide insider knowledge and expertise on complex points in a variety of industries.
  • Horace can provide a service that doesn’t currently exist within your organization.
  • Horace can provide specific, but actionable solutions to challenges your business is facing.
  • Horace can critique, diagnose and analyze your business’s current infrastructure.
  • Horace is excellent at generating innovative and creative ideas.
  • Horace can help facilitate new methodologies, which will help enhance organization and efficiency.
  • Horace can access his network of government and business contacts.
  • Horace can help teach, present or implement new business procedures and ideas.

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