Horace Crenshaw has been captivating audiences around the world with his entertaining, and thought provoking motivational speeches and seminars. His focus is on leadership, peak performance and business growth. He offers an innovative perspective and aims to challenge conventional wisdom.Horace considers each seminar an experience, and will tailor his program to suit the specific needs of the audience. As a top keynote speaker, Horace aims to pack each speech with impact. His engaging talks are filled with personal anecdotes and sensible ideas that are practical and actionable, and have motivated and inspired audiences to unleash their greatness, and reach for the extra boost. Horace believes public speaking is an opportunity to transform lives. At the end of each speaking engagement, each attendant will come away more encouraged, informed, empowered and prepared to conquer any challenge going forward. You can learn more about Horace’s personal life philosophy in his book, Blowing Sandstorm.



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